You’ll Have to Smash Glass to Get Summer Walker’s New Album

“The first song I wanted to release was called Toxic but we here now. Photo courtesy of ro.lexx The group eventually heads over to a house party, where the now-famous hard drive makes an appearance and saves the DJ’s set. Everyone takes turns swinging the hammer to try and break the barrier and retrieve the hard drive. But over the course of 44 seconds, no one succeeds. So let’s just move past it now. “Stop @-ing me,” she wrote on her story.— brey 👢 (@Iovedtodream)

So far, only a few videos of this are making the rounds online, but it’s feasible to think that these stands could pop up in more cities as we draw closer to the album’s November 5 release date.Walker announced her sophomore album in a trailer shared earlier this month, where she recreated the cover of her 2019 debut, Over It. We’re here now, so leave me alone.”

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Earlier today, Walker shared the music video for “Ex for a Reason,” which features Walker and JT cruising in a convertible with a “Forever Atlanta” license plate. if beyoncé did this… She was due to give details about Still Over It on the BET Hip-Hop Awards red carpet, but tweeted that she was denied entry due to “COVID restrictions.”Related | Sound Off: 10 New Songs You Need to Hear NowThe first song Walker shared from Still Over It is “Ex For A Reason,” released on October 15. I had no say in making this decision. Bad enough to break some glass? Featuring JT of the City Girls, fans apparently weren’t the warmest to it, so Walker recently went on Instagram and told them to chill out on the decision to drop it. Some people take random swings, while others actually stop and prep before failing miserably. But there’s a catch: to do so, you’ll have to use a pink hammer to shatter what appears to be a glass case featuring the hard drive it’s on.A viral, circulating TikTok depicts a group of fans on a city street in front of the casing for Walker’s album. As the release date for her forthcoming LP draws closer, it’s now popping up in the wild for fans to snag. How bad do you want Summer Walker’s new album, Still Over It?