TikTok’s First Mega Group Has Been Assembled

@thefuturexofficial Our choreographer, @Kyle Hanagami keeping us in check! The first full pop group sourced from TikTok is here. The journey started last year under the #NextInMusic hashtag. Cosmetics to see that aspiring makeup artists can make their mark, too. They haven’t wasted any time either — the group’s now living together in Malibu, where they’re in the process of recording some new music. The #elfitup TikTok Hashtag Challenge that began January 26 and continues through February 1 will discover the group’s official makeup artist.Photography: Dennis Leupold “The Future X combines everything that is exciting about contemporary young artists: authenticity, confidence, empowerment, and a unique balance between extraordinary dancers and iconic singers.”The Future X is also working on another initiative alongside e.l.f. 🥰 #TheFutureX ♬ original sound – The Future X Things are moving quickly for The Future X; in March, they’ll start performing live together when they head out on the road with the group Now United, also managed by Fuller.In a statement, Fuller detailed what makes The Future X so exciting. A preview of one of those new songs can be found here. Introducing The Future X, the latest endeavor spearheaded by Simon Fuller, the former manager of and mastermind behind some of music’s favorite groups and shows, including The Spice Girls and American Idol. Well, it’s happened. “We have spent a year working in partnership with TikTok to find the best talent on their platform and I am thrilled with the resulting group,” he said. Aspiring musicians and dancers posted their auditions to the platform to be a part of pop’s next class and over the course of five weeks, the search continued while more than 300 million views were amassed.Fuller then chose the final lineup of singers (Angie Green, Maci Wood and Luke Brown) and dancers (Sasha Marie, Tray Taylor, Jayna Hughes and Drew Venegas).