The Waiting Room : A book Review by Aishwarya Girish

She worked in marketing for a brief and terrible cubicle-soul-sucking time until she was accepted into Teach for America and promptly moved to Oahu.             All in all, it was an interesting read with characters I could root for. Then the book slows down a little as Jude makes new friends, asks questions about the existence of the room and its purpose and inquires the manager Ruth about the owner of the room. Currently she is pursuing her Masters in Computer Science at University Of Southern California. From here, a cycle starts where Jude and Nina are reborn, die, wait for each other in the room and start all over again. Is   from Bangalore, India.She has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. She now teaches in Austin, TX and tries to squeeze in as much writing as possible between lesson planning. Why does the room get destroyed only to be back anyway? Aishwarya Girish. Who is the owner?                 The readers are put through a roller coaster of emotions in the first chapter itself by informing us that Jude is dead and is looking at his beloved Nina through a one-way glass into the living world as we are led to believe that the Waiting Room is the bridge between a person’s previous life and the next. She usually takes up books of the following genre – Paranormal Romance, New Adult and adult romance. After waiting there for 52 years, he finally reunites with Nina who has died after leading a complete and fruitful life with a new man. She taught 7th grade English in Aiea for two years and also received her Masters in Education from University of Hawaii. Jude is coping with his own loss while he has to watch Nina move on with her life. In her spare time, she watches TV shows and reads. Was it just so they can improve their way of thinking in the next life? You are here: Home / Book Reviews / The Waiting Room : A book Review by Aishwarya GirishThe Waiting Room : A book Review by Aishwarya GirishApril 26, 2017 by Guest Post Leave a Comment The Waiting Room   A book Review by Aishwarya GirishThe Waiting Room is a unique and thought-provoking novel by Alysha Kaye. It made me question what indeed happens after death, if it is reincarnation then would everyone’s love from previous life be the same as this life or was it just Jude and Nina?Available on Amazon About the AuthorAlysha Kaye was born in San Marcos, TX, where she also received her BA in Creative Writing from Texas State University. One more thing that could’ve been improved is that the author could’ve specified which place and year they both were reborn into instead of just their names so we could get more interested in learning how they are living in that decade.               There are many unanswered questions in the end which was a little disappointing.. Her all time favorite books are The Host by Stephanie Meyer, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and the Harry Potter Series.Visit her blog : If so, will those changes be in their subconscious as they cannot remember what happens there? The author does a great job establishing the relationship between the protagonists Jude and Nina at the beginning by flipping back and forth between the past and the present Waiting Room. He is the only person who has stayed there for more than 20 minutes but we still do not know the reason as to why they were picked. The main theme of the book is death and reincarnation with a touch of a beautiful love story at the base of it all. like what IS the purpose of the room?