The Girls Are Fighting

Apparently, she’s more of a Reese than an Ina.But charming to Stewart or not, Garten has obviously captured the sentiment of many considering her virality over the last two years while concocting Cosmos “as big as her head” everywhere from Twitter to Instagram to the TODAY Show with Hoda and Jenna, and even a mid-morning libation with Seth Meyers.Whether they take two cups of Grey Goose Vodka in your drink of choice, or prefer to have a casual “one or two glasses of wine with dinner,” the one thing Stewart and Garten can agree upon is their shared love of late night TV binging. But now, in a sick twist of fate, our favorite girls aren’t seeing eye-to-eye. The WFH uniform, the spritzer before noon, or endlessly scrolling Ina Garten and Martha Stewart’s Instagram feeds for some comfort. Balance, and the good ol 80/20 rule,” one user wrote. Stewart even admits to sometimes using “the battery up in both of her iPads in one night watching season three of Yellowstone. “To me that’s not charming,” Stewart says. See on Instagram

Not long after, our other half, Martha Stewart entered the chat, sharing where she stood on the matter, saying she “does not agree” that alcohol is a good means of self-soothing — pandemic or otherwise. After all, in a pandemic, we “do what we can.”Photos via Getty When it comes to coping with the pandemic, in its varying pre and post stages, pretty much anything is acceptable. In a recent reply thread via Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram post on her healthy, post-pandemic morning ritual, Ina Garten admitted she had an easier time coping with the pandemic Cosmopolitan style, the recipe of which stands: Drink more large cosmosStay up late watching addictive streaming seriesStay in bed in the morning playing Sudoko instead of reading a good bookSpend more time (safely) with people you love.”Witherspoon’s followers swiftly replied to Ina’s comment, siding with the Barefoot Contessa: “80% Ina, 20% Reese.