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Ddg – OD Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, ayy, okay Mmm, mmm, mmm I do not play by the rules Devo this shit hard [Pre-Chorus] I do   not   play by the   rules, they can not slow me   down They see that I’m…
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Before he check me, let them bangers squeeze, babe I hit the season like pound a week, baby They keep it real, you gon’ have to leave Before your dope bitch take two of these I brush it off, it…
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Lyrics to ‘OMG’ by Camila Cabello: –Verse 1: Camila Cabello– Baby, what’cha say? I ain’t here to, I ain’t here to conversate Baby, I don’t play From Miami, causin’ trouble in LA Rowdy, Tennessee If I don’t send for you,…
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