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Hayce Lemsi – Panamovic Lyrics

[Refrain] J’suis Panamovic, Panamovic, Panamovic, Panamovic Panamovic, Panamovic, Panamovic, Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Panamovic [Couplet 1] J’suis parano bitch, j’laisse des balafres aux snitch Zla-zla-zlathayce, Panamovic La mauvaise graine a germé, j’ai le coeur mis en pierre J’ai pleuré l’sourire de mon soce dans…
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Az – Wanna Be There Lyrics

Save all the aggra-zations, keep all the confrontations I’m sitting contemplating trying to crack the combination Move mystique mostly months that I keep cozy At time I creeped only this is what the East showed me More on to music…
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Hyperaptive – London City Lyrics

Such a lovely place, full of such wonderful characteristics Especially when you combine, the murderous rise, in stabbing-statistics Gone are the days of tea we’d gently sip whilst having-our-biscuits Instead it’s a whirlwind of crime, where half of the minds,…
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Planet Earth Is Live

Nigga, West That’s why most women love me and they niggas hate me So fresh, couldn’t look better in HD These new rap niggas way too lazy, they game B Mixin’ in the same sentence ’cause we really crazy Look,…
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Bubble butt – Seyed songtexte

Sechshundert Hektoliter Hubraum, Hubraum Macht die B***h ‘ne Arschbombe, läuft der ganze Pool aus Und überschwemmt das Poolhaus Der Arsch so fett, da passt die ganze Crew drauf Sechshundert Hektoliter Hubraum, Hubraum Macht die B***h ‘ne Arschbombe, läuft der ganze…
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I Ain’t Got Time

Boy I ain’t got time –Verse 1– Boy, I need a Kleenex How I got this far? Boy I ain’t got tiiiime for these bitches, better throw a clock at these hoes, had these hoes in this bitch lookin’ for…
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