Satan’s Host – Satanic Grimoire Lyrics

Drawing Sigils,
And now these Ancient Symbols. The night is filled
With Energy. Form what lies within,
Freedom that Devours. Our Satanic Grimoire. Eeeaaahhh, eeeaaahhh…
An Entity, a way of Life
That Consumes Life Force. Nocturnal Powers,
We consecrate. Stone Chambers,
Sacred the Isolation. Supernatural
Conjurations. Primal Madness Breathes,
Forever Unleashed. The Satanic Grimoire. Sacred Lessons,
Setian. We formulate
Constellations. These Incantations
The Inner Core. At midnight eve
These Spirits of night…Arise. Inner Demon, Communication. Rituals,
Consecrate. Devouring,
Dimensions. Upon Parchment,
Flesh and Bone. Eliminate your Enemies;
A Bleeding Entity. Black candles burn. Satanic Grimoire,
Primal Madness Breathes. By your Desire
And your Belief. Magick Text,
Bring thou presence. Sacred Words,
This Inner Sanctum. Under the night
We attack… We attack. Annihilate,
Annihilate their Will. Upon Parchment,
Flesh and Bone. We’re Summoning
Forth the Devil. Stains of Red,
Black Satin. Unleash a New Power,
On this Witching Hour. Summoned from the page,
Darken Rage:
Satanic Grimoire. ‘Powaqqatsi’:
Core Activity. In an eye for all eternity,
From the corner stone of time. Written by Left Hand. An Alien Infusion,
Influence. Unconsciousness,
Tunnels Setian. Raw pulsing Power now unifies. A Shape Shifting,
Transcendence. Between the voids of silence,
Awakening. Incantations
This Inner Core. The Darker side of Life.