PAPER Is Back on Instagram

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For a little background, Instagram disabled the original @papermagazine account due to copyright notices filed by a company called Okularity. Our lawyers allege that Okularity crawls the internet for unauthorized use of images in order to extort account holders like us.This practice is becoming increasingly common. We made a whole new profile, and finally managed to grab the chic @paper handle, as opposed to @papermagazine. You know we love to talk shit. Staples is absolutely shaking.So please, hit follow and once again bless your timeline with our trademark memes. But please follow us on our new account, as well as on TikTok, Twitter and Facebook. The bad news? Celebrities from Kim Kardashian to David Beckham are now being sued for posting unauthorized paparazzi photos of themselves, while several highly followed archival Instagram accounts have recently been disabled, as well. After PAPER’s Instagram was suspended in early July, we still haven’t got our original account (or 1.7 million followers) back.