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The NFT Market Has Crashed

Remember Non-Fungible Tokens? It seems like this new way of selling digital moments, for the first time ever, is just a fad that’s nearly over.According to Protos, the peak of the NFT market phenomenon was on May 3rd when $102…
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Today Belongs to the Barbz

The post was cryptically captioned with just the word “F R I D A Y” and a crossed finger emoji. It featured footwear-of-the-moment Crocs, as well as Chanel-branded candy. Listen to Beam Me Up Scotty, below.Photo via Instagram And they…
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Aquaria as Amy Lee

In a casual setting (in this case, over Zoom), her energy gives off the vibe of a big sister or childhood friend: playful, comforting, familiar. Stand up for yourself. I just think that’s super inspiring. For Amy Lee, the act…
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Miquela’s NFTs Are Free

She does, however, have serious social capital online, and her latest NFT drop is completely free with the power of Twitter.Related | Miquela and Saweetie Link UpIn collaboration with her creator’s company Brud, “19-year-old” Miquela has been rolling out a…
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Jeris Johnson Versus the World

Obviously Elvis, the ‘King of Rock’ or whatever, doesn’t sound like Metallica, but they’re both rock artists. To slay the old, boring-ass dragon that is contemporary rock music, finally resurrect the genre and catapult it into the future. That’s because…
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