Guardin – Blue Lyrics

Sorry I’m blue
Just thought that you knew
That I’m f**ked up in the head
It’s conscious, it’s nothing new
Just wanted to talk to you
But that’s been impossible
Baby you know you’re unstoppable
Breaking me down to the follicle
f**k what you know
Either you love me or leave me alone
Turning your back when I need you the most
I’m in my bed with the sheets on my head like a ghost
Drifted the course
I don’t need anything here but my coat
Boarding my bus and I’m seated in coach
Hopping right off and I’m sparking my roach
I’m just so high
And I thought you should know
Level is nothing I know
I’m on a cloud overseas looking down at your boat
f**k what I’m feeling
Removing that lump from my throat
I’m speaking up cause I’m dying alone
Where the f**k are you? I’m calling your phone
Falling asleep without saying goodnight
Missing the touch of your lips when I cry
Sleeping alone is never easy at night
Feel like a cunt when I tell you I’m fine
Problems align in the back of my head
f**k it all up, again and again
Exhale the words that I shouldn’t have said
Cover my bed and just swallow me dead