Master P Lines Up $2.5 Million Basketball Deal for Son

Master P secures a $2.5 million basketball deal for his son. As for Master P, he is no stranger to the sports world, having played professional basketball himself at one point. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) He also signed former NFL All-Pro Ricky Williams to his sports agency, No Limit Sports, penning a deal that went on to receive a ton of scrutiny from people who say Williams’ contract was seriously flawed. Although Hercy has yet to play a game of college basketball, he has completed a successful high school career, leading his team to the Minnesota state championship. There are a lot of great people who came out of HBCUs or mid-major schools. Speaking with The Tennessean about his decision, Miller explained, “I want to be a leader and a dream of mine and a goal of mine is to change the narrative. In a new interview with TMZ Sports, the hip hop mogul shared that he has lined up a $2.5 million deal for Hercy, securing his son’s financial future before he even completes his first season at Tennessee State. After being drafted to the NBA and going on to a successful rap career, Master P has been in the business of making money for a long time, and now he is passing down the wisdom he has acquired from years of hustling to his children. I want to show people you don’t have to go to one of these big schools, Power Five conference schools, just to be great. I want to be the next one.” Keeping the money coming in for the whole family, Master P revealed that he is working out a deal for his 15-year-old son Mercy Miller as well. The NCAA recently announced it would be changing its rules so that college athletes can be paid for the use of their likeness, and Master P is making sure that his 19-year-old son Hercy Miller claims a piece of that pie. Despite those accusations, Master P is surely going to do better for his own kids who are both likely to see millionaire status before the age of twenty. Hercy had his pick of several colleges, but ultimately chose Tennessee over UCLA, LSU, and many other impressive offers.