Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love ; by Aurora Whittet

The colorful illustrations help make it kid friendly.Although Cancer is a terrible thing to happen to a family Aurora Whittet has come up with a small way to   help a the family and children understand.I would recommend   Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love to anyone that has been attacked by this enemy that has   young children and is at a loss as to how to make them understand.Five Ways to Cope with Cancer in the Family A Guest post by Aurora Whittet, author of Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of LoveCancer is a beastly thing that lurks in the shadows following lovely people around, and it has the evil power to separate families physically and emotionally. Encouraging the kids to write down in the books different things they do with Mama,Things like games they play,Recipes they like. What goes through the Parents mind.I am certain one of the first thought that they have is not about themselves but of their children. Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook  What to tell them and how to tell them and explain what it all means.Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love was written with all these questions in mind.Mama’s Knight is of course the child.What is a Knight but a Champion for the Queen. Ask them to come over and help with more strenuous activities that you might not be able to handle on your own. Cancer is a struggle for the patient, the children, and the caregivers. Communication is key to survival in all relationships and all challenges that face a family. I recommend relating emotions to animals and facial expressions to help children share their feelings too. Get down on their level. Make memories every day, take silly selfies, write down your adventures and love each other.Aurora Whittet, author of Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love, Bloodmark, Bloodrealms, and Bloodmoon   started out as a wild red-haired girl in Minnesota dreaming up stories for her friends to read. Someone fighting cancer, no matter if old or young, can feel alienated from the rest of the family and fun, causing them to feel alone and depressed.   This book not only helps to explain to the children what is happening to Mama but to make them a part of it all. This is the hardest thing for families. Do not isolate yourself and your family from your circle of support. Whether that means asking them to drop off a package of toilet paper, or picking up a gallon of milk. Even just the word has power over us, debilitating our very lives. It’s actually kind of a journal for Mama and child to fill out together. There is no fast forward or easy button, but these ideas can help inspire you on your journey.1 Laughter is truly the best medicine. To help her fight the evils that befall her.But instead of fighting Dragons Mama’s Knight will help her fight something much worse. A Champion to fight and guide Mama through a perilous journey. Activities based on energy level can help bring the fun back and unify the family. Imagine if you can a young Mother or Father for that matter hearing the news. When you hear it connected to a family member it’s even worse. From her Doctor   she hears that dreaded word CANCER! She has since has grown into a wild red-haired mama, an author, a birth doula, a national award-winning designer, a nerd a barefoot dancer and a caregiver .Today, she has completed Bloodmark, Bloodrealms, and Bloodmoon of the Bloodmark Saga trilogy and started her journey into children’s books with Mama’s Knight in honor of her own mother who lost her battle with cancer. On I have strived to bring activities to families based on the energy level of the parent to help create this bridge of fun, even when a parent is exhausted from treatments.4 Emotional Outbursts. Or even ask them to take the children for a few hours so you can nap or sit yourself down for a good cry.3 Bring the fun to person with cancer. There are moments of panic, despair and anger that are so strong it is hard to find ways to cope, but truly it is a day by day struggle. What the Master Geniuses (The Doc’s) will do to help.This is a clever interactive book book with different games and activities to help through this sad time. You are here: Home / Book Reviews / Book Tours / Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love ; by Aurora WhittetMama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love ; by Aurora WhittetApril 20, 2017 by Dick Leonardo Leave a Comment Affiliate Links PR SampleMama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love   By Aurora Whittet Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love is filled with tools and activities designed to make coping with Cancer easier on both parent and child, The book can be personalized for each child and   is an emotional toolbox that can help children and parents communicate about what it means for Mama to have cancer. It is emotionally and physically exhausting, so accept each other’s lack of perfection in this very human process of treatments and life. The little things that can annoy you, but don’t let it, stop and look at the bizarreness of the situation and giggle. Your family and friends are your village, and they care about you, so let them be there for you. Don’t look at the negative of the action, as much as realizing that action whether done by parent or child, is begging to talk and get a hug. What will this enemy do to Mama.What the symptoms are , How it will make Mama just to exhausted to play sometimes. Aurora lives with her family in Minnesota. As hard and devastating as this terrible disease is this book helps get through it in a way children might understand.Just the word Cancer gives you a feeling of dread and hopelessness. Cancer is scary, so don’t build walls, break them down. She’s a national award-winning graphic designer. Allow yourself to laugh at the little things like toddler toots, and spilled dinner. Sit on the floor and be equals, hear everyone out and let everyone know that door is always open.5 Always remember forgiveness and kindness. So, as a diagnosis of cancer strikes your family or family near-and-dear to you, remember that every emotional outburst is a gateway to an open conversation about how each family member is feeling in that moment in time. Every moment is an opportunity to find joy, no matter how simple.2 Ask for help.