Love From Mars; Book Review by Aishwarya Girish

                The only issue I had was with inclusion of her father’s story-line, I understood that it was important for her story arc but it did not feel important and did not resonate with me. Despite the fact that he has a one-way ticket to another planet, they can’t resist their undeniable connection. JP has lived in France, Britain, India, and many cities across America. Aishwarya Girish. The day of the mission launch, their whirlwind romance is rocked by another shocking revelation. Can their love transcend all space and time?JP Cawood has developed television series & pilots for Syfy Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Destination America, History Channel, Lifetime Movie Network, and Pivot/Participant. She usually takes up books of the following genre – Paranormal Romance, New Adult and adult romance. Her all time favorite books are The Host by Stephanie Meyer, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and the Harry Potter Series.Visit her blog : As a lifelong student of the mystical unknowns, JP has traveled the world in search of truth, beauty, and goodness.                       The romance of the main characters, Emma and Ryan was believable to say the least. Now telling stories through books, JP writes science fiction/fantasy because the future is now and imagination is the key that unlocks all great mysteries. Is   from Bangalore, India.She has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. You are here: Home / Book Reviews / Love From Mars; Book Review by Aishwarya GirishLove From Mars; Book Review by Aishwarya GirishMay 13, 2017 by Dick Leonardo Leave a Comment Love From Mars                                       By JP Cawood The book was emotional, spiritual and insightful with Sci-fi elements to it. It is a powerful message for the readers. Currently she is pursuing her Masters in Computer Science at University Of Southern California. When their secret affair is uncovered, they must suffer the consequences of the scandal they’ve unknowingly created. It was a great read for me and the end packed a powerful punch. The characters are well-written, empathy-inducing and engaging. The description of the emotional moments was on point and the spiritual ones were all there for the right reasons and depicts that love transcends mere physical presence. In her spare time, she watches TV shows and reads. Emma, a headstrong reporter, meets Ryan at the Martian Six press conference.                   Overall, this book was a great read, with great characters, powerful romance and a valid ending. Their meeting, the way they fall in love and their emotional goodbye as he left for Mars was so real, it was easy to forget that it was a work of fiction. What was surprising to me is how much it made me care for the characters, care for them to get together and live happily ever after, how much ever impossible that seemed. I give it 4/5 stars.Six people have been chosen to colonize Mars, including the charismatic and noble Ryan Clarke.