Lil Mariko, Full Tac and Rico Nasty Take Out the Trash on ‘SIMP’

On her verse, Lil Mariko goes into full on humiliation kink dominatrix mode with references to pay pigs and incels peppered throughout.Related | Welcome to Five Days of Rico Nasty”I made this beat in 2019 at the Take A Daytrip studio in Soho with my friend and collaborator Russ Chell,” says producer Full Tac. We reached out to her and she just nailed. “Lil Mariko is the first artist that styled me for their own music video,” Rico Nasty says. “The beat sat in my computer for a long time until summer of 2020. Shoutout to my best friend Sebastian for letting me dress him up and literally beat him up for this video.”Related | This Viral Dominatrix Is Writing BDSM-Inspired Rock MusicThe video for “SIMP” takes the song’s femdom and fetish vibes a step further into full BDSM territory, complete with a full body latex gimp suit, leashes and riding crops. “I loved shooting with the both of them.”Watch the PAPER premiere of Full Tac, Lil Mariko and Rico Nasty’s “SIMP” and stream it, below. From the same twisted minds that brought you the e-cig anthem that took over TikTok, “Where’s My Juul??,” Full Tac and Lil Mariko are back with their latest viral-primed banger in the form of “SIMP.”Related | ‘Where’s My Juul??’ Is a Screamo E-Cig BopSporting an especially bass heavy beat and a screamo chorus, “SIMP” is an anthem for anyone that’s ever had to fend off reply guys and sleazy creeps clogging up your notifications with bids for your attention that are about as subtle as a brick. Kat [Lil Mariko] had the idea, and when thinking about a feature we immediately thought Rico Nasty would be someone who could bring a lot of great energy to the track and add to it. This is a song dedicated to all of the suckers idolizing my pussy. Behind the scenesTeaming up with Rico Nasty, both rappers take every last simp to task on this track, reading them for the pathetic little worms they are without any remorse. We had a blast shooting the video.”Behind the scenesLil Mariko adds, “I just wanted to make a song about all of the weirdos in my DMs trying to date me without having met me. Photos courtesy of Full Tac, Lil Mariko and Rico Nasty