Lil Iké Addresses Backlash For Saying She Won’t Work With Upcoming Reggae Artists Unless…

(@daryklazula) July 3, 2020

All I'm saying, I stan Lila even harder cause a suh black woman fi live. Check out the ER interview here.
— The Experience out now? Here is the rest of the interview where I clearly say ‘once it is that you’re great at what you do and have work ethic’ so continue as you were that’s why me say me like me Solitude..” she wrote. Hopping online to directly address the situation, Ike posted the clip in its entirety including the part where she said “personally mi kinda focus on my thing, if I have to do a collab it would have to change my life,” hinting that as is common in the sphere of social media, her words were taken out of context. (@LilaIkeJa) July 3, 2020

The curly hair crooner came under fire for not just her words but her tone in the seemingly off-putting and obnoxious remarks.
— Ann-Marie Pickney?? “I feel like most of the people reaching out to me right now would be like upcoming artistes that are seeking a way to get their self known, or get into the business and I am not really in support of that, mi really feel like you want something yuh really and truly haffi work for it.”
Posting about this and commenting so people can uderstand how quick we are to is the rest of the interview where I clearly say ‘once it is that you’re great at what you do and have work ethic’ so continue as you were that’s why me say me like me Solitude. The clip drew much disapproval from followers and fans who labeled the nascent songbird as “hype” following her utterances. We need room to focus on our craft, with the right energies, and do it unapologetically. Lile Ike has responded to some social media backlash over one of her recent interviews. She was quick to check the critics, however, posting the entire clip, clarifying the context and directly telling naysayers to “continue as you were.”
The source of the backlash is a June 26 interview with veteran media journalist Anthony Miller on TVJ’s Entertainment Report. Here are some of the tweets from fans. my ratings for you dip my girl swear
— Filodeen? Responding to whether she’s been bombarded with requests for collabs since her stellar success, Lila had this to say—”For sure, ton and tons of people ah reach out fi a collab, some a dem ah really feel like yuh just nuh deh desso yet fi deh pan a song with Lila Ike to be honest,” Ike began. She captioned her post as a final clap back to those twisting her words to disturb her peace of mind: “Posting about this and commenting so people can understand how quick we are to judge. — Jherane (@Jherane_) July 4, 2020

Twitter Stop trying to shame her into settling – she knows who Lila Ike is and won't settle. So the hype get to Lila Ike already smh uni listen to the fvckry weh she a seh?? Promising newcomer Lila Ike has a unique, melodic aesthetic that was on vivid display in the new visuals for the break-up song “Forget Me.” Ironically, while celebrating the videos’ 70K overnight views, the songstress found herself simultaneously fending off feedback and reproaches across social media over a few of her remarks. (@filodeen) July 3, 2020

lila ike when she find out filodeen ratings fi her drop:
— sage (@aiodeji) July 3, 2020

Look how much artistes turn down collabs and nobody has a word to say but as soon as Lila Ike says on national tv that yeah I turn down collabs because ppl a look buss offa me then unu jump pon her
— Dr.Abijah (@abii_abz) July 3, 2020

What she meant to say was…
"…But for now, I'm currently focusing on building my brand & cementing myself in the industry so I could be of a more impacting force where helping to bring these younger talents to the world, just as Protoje did for me". Making it clear that she’s not keen on jumping on a collaboration with just anybody, Ike insists that artists invest in their work ethic, as she’s not about to become anyone’s meal ticket. Anyways, stream Lila Ike.