Let’s Enjoy Some Second Impeachment Memes

The Democrats, plus a fair few Republicans, actually did something. https://t.co/QAqKaLuy67 — Saint Hoax (@Saint Hoax)1610574467.0why would you frame it that way https://t.co/zMZzUF2TQt — Ben Rosen (@Ben Rosen)1610575180.0″ how many times did trump get impeached? https://t.co/iE90BDRzuF — Christian Zamora (@Christian Zamora)1610574735.0The impeachments https://t.co/S8DPL0ceX7 — Harry Hill (@Harry Hill)1610574773.0first home alone 2 actor to be impeached twice i’m guessing — hunter harris (@hunter harris)1610574041.0millions of impeaches peaches for me — very relevant band (@very relevant band)1610575974.0https://t.co/99aXjgWqRQ — Americana at Brand Memes (@Americana at Brand Memes)1610574817.0https://t.co/xWEQ8HAuAA — out of context parks & rec (@out of context parks & rec)1610580134.0Photo via Getty Even Mitch McConnell seems on board this time, but we won’t hold our breath. I thought it was like dying — chrissy teigen (@chrissy teigen)1610573937.0Who is the only U.S. Many of them featuring girl group TWICE. Even celebrate a little. An impeachment vote has passed in the House of Representatives, which means President Trump faces a trial in the Senate for “incitement of insurrection.”The Senate won’t meet until later this month, probably after Biden’s inauguration. Until then, we can bask in that rare bit of good political news. president to be impeached twice? @xtina https://t.co/dlY345Skbv — It’s…..Darren Collier’s account🌱💙 (@It’s…..Darren Collier’s account🌱💙)1610576126.0how many times was Trump impeached https://t.co/2URYm1wcgS — marv 🦌 (@marv 🦌)1610573214.0donald trump is now the first Nanny guest star to get impeached twice https://t.co/BR5Q23NTFK — Funny Or Die (@Funny Or Die)1610573271.0″i would’ve impeached Trump a third time if i could.” https://t.co/ajzT1KLTZZ — david ehrlich (@david ehrlich)1610571823.0I didn’t even know you could be impeached twice. Well, it’s official. Here are the best ones we’ve seen so far.trump got impeached not once but https://t.co/sFPpUKDESH — boo (@boo)1610573983.0how many times was he impeached https://t.co/WA6tieJIu2 — claire (@claire)1610574795.0How many times has Donald Trump been impeached now? ” https://t.co/jZtzyp2jO0 — Sacha 🎅🏼❄️ (@Sacha 🎅🏼❄️)1610574415.0How many times was Donald Trump impeached? After all, how many times do you see a sitting President get impeached twice?Related | The Memes From Trump’s First ImpeachmentThe best way to enjoy this better-late-than-never moment is, of course, via memes.