Keke Palmer’s Met Gala Salad Is Giving Fyre Fest

Teyana Taylor also gave a hilarious remark about it on the red carpet. The Met Gala is all about showing up in a look so wild that you shut down fashion Twitter for an entire night. With cucumber slices, yellow corn and what appears to be grape tomatoes, Palmer was not impressed with the catering. Did anyone catch her leaving early?Photo via Getty After telling an interviewer that she was ready to eat and being informed that the food inside was entirely plant-based, Taylor seems shaken and says, “What?” She looks off screen and gestures for her team to take her home before revealing that she’s joking.We can’t help but wonder if Taylor saw the same plate that Palmer did and how she reacted to it. In doing so, she posted a picture of a plate that, decidedly, does not look delicious. @KekePalmer They feeding y’all like it’s Fyre Festival🥴— Bella Santana (@Bella_SantanaLA)

@KekePalmer not them serving half a lung— T_theestallion (@tvrisq)

@KekePalmer Everyone seeing they meal 💀💀— Hezey (@kiandaaa_)

Palmer wasn’t the only celebrity seemingly unimpressed by the cuisine. Apparently, it’s not for eating. “I’m just playinnnn.”
The menu chile— Keke Palmer (@KekePalmer)

Immediately, what came to mind online was the extremely unimpressive cheese sandwich photo that went viral from Fyre Festival back in 2017. And the jokes naturally started to fly. “This is why they don’t show y’all the food,” she wrote. Keke Palmer gave the world a preview of the food that was being served to its guests and her meal shocked the internet more than the most talked about designer outfits of the night.Related | Billie Eilish Convinced Oscar de la Renta to Ditch Fur ForeverPalmer took to her Instagram Story, after hosting Vogue’s livestream of the red carpet, to document her evening.