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You are here: Home / Fashion / Heart2Heart Books inspirational TeesHeart2Heart Books inspirational TeesMarch 6, 2017 by Dick Leonardo Leave a Comment Heart2Heart Books inspirational TeesHeart2Heart Books are in the Process of Publishing but in the meantime we would like to direct you to the inspirational   Mother approved, child friendly, inspirational T-Shirt designs imprinted with   eye-catching, typography friendly, Heart themed, custom-made, Copyright Protected, Heart Fonts. These can be located in the images, objects, characters and scenery within the drawings and are fun for your child to find and count.The drawings are composed and drawn like a child would draw them, and as they perceive and process their world, creating a graphic story with their unique language and disclosing new treasures of their memory in drawings.The CAPTIONS for the drawings are uncommon and innocent “child descriptions” told in manner used by a child to describe a picture they drew. This book is not only fun, but educational too, and helps with;• Developing graphic speech • Counting • Character/ Object/Shape identification • Seasons of the year identificationAll the drawings are unique in their composition and many are drawn in a captivating non-standard perspective.The book also comes complete with a squirrel mascot which can be colored and submitted to Hear2Heart Books. If the child’s colored picture is used, the child will receive attribution in the book of publication. https://www.storenvy.com/stores/958603-heart2heartbooks  Child T Shirt designs on Heart2Heartbooks Facebook PageIn this charming children’s book, your child will become immersed in the heart themed, custom-made fonts.Heart shapes abound in each drawing.