Gramma Mouse Tells A Story by M.E. Hembroff

*I was not monetarily compensated for doing this review. Gramma’s Ma and Pa tell her to be very careful because there are scary, dangerous things in the garden. It is written with simple words and easy to understand comments. Now Tiny is scared and she sees the kitty cat, wow! she is really scared! Tiny doesn’t really listen but, when she sees the hawk she gets really scared. Gramma is called, Tiny. *The opinions of this product are strictly my own. The bees, the butterflies, the gopher and others all tell Tiny to be cautious of the dangerous Cat, Dog and Hawk because they all will try to eat her. Hembroff. because she is so small. But, as Tiny adventures off into the garden, she sees a lot of bright and exciting things. Soon Tiny is able to reach cousin mouse’s house safely and they begin to enjoy each other’s company. Tiny assures her parents she will be very careful. thump”, goes Tiny’s little heart. I believe the moral of this story is to always listen to what you are told or you could end up hurt. I was so excited to review this book and tell my readers about it. More animals warn Tiny and she still doesn’t quite listen and then she sees the dog and her heart beats really scared, “thump. HembroffGramma Mouse Tells A Story by M.E. This is the beginning of the book titled, “Gramma Mouse Tells a Story,” by M.E. HembroffMay 6, 2017 by Annette Anderson Leave a Comment PR SampleGramma Mouse is gathered with all her little grandchildren around her and they begin begging for her to tell them a story. This is a cute little 40 page book with pretty illustrated pictures. This book is written as the main character, Gramma Mouse, tells a story of herself as a tiny mouse going on a trip to visit her cousin mouse across the garden. This book is for younger children. thump. My grandchildren loved it and the 5 year old really loved the “scary” parts when Tiny’s heart was thumping. You can purchase this book from for around $11.00 and it makes a great bedtime story.*I received this book free of charge in exchange for a free honest, written review. You are here: Home / Book Reviews / Gramma Mouse Tells A Story by M.E.