Fans Think Addison Rae Recorded This Deep Cut Lady Gaga Demo

In the original, Gaga continues: “And I’ve got nothing on for tonight,” seeming to play off an iconic Marilyn Monroe quote: “It’s not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on,” the siren once said. Back in 2010, Lady Gaga wrote and recorded an absolute smash, called “Nothing On (But the Radio),” which was never officially released. A moment of silence for Nothing On But The Radio- Lady — ud835udde0ud835uddfcud835uddffud835uddf4ud835uddeeud835uddfbud835uddee (@ud835udde0ud835uddfcud835uddffud835uddf4ud835uddeeud835uddfbud835uddee)

A four-second clip of Rae singing the song’s chorus has appeared on Twitter. Cue the pop panic! “I’ve got nothing on but the radio,” she begins, taking on Gaga’s massive, unreleased pop hook that even RuPaul is reportedly a fan of. Addison Rae now that gays know that she has a recording of an unreleased Gaga song on top of I Got It — Brooklyn (@Brooklyn)

Photos via Getty @addisonre ♬ I Got It Bad by Addison Rae – Tik Toker Rae has since fallen silent without any follow-up tracks, despite telling iHeartRadio in spring of 2021, “I am working on an album right now.” Much like ravenous Little Monsters’ relationship with “Nothing On (But the Radio),” though, stans of the He’s All That actress are hungry for her to release a viral leaked cut, called “I Got It Bad.” Even internet pop provocateur Slayyyter loves it (imagine if Rae’s breakout EP featured a Gaga record and Slayyyter collab). But the track itself was undeniably addictive, with a shameless, cocky chorus that shut down any chatter: “I’m obsessed with me-e-e as much as you,” she teased. Addison Rae recorded Nothing On But the Radio by Lady Gaga for her upcoming — Scott |Combat Reporter (@Scott |Combat Reporter)

Last year, Rae launched her music debut with “Obsessed,” featuring a Diane Martel-directed video and choreography that made its way to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. A beloved deep cut for super fans, a demo of the track — co-written by Gaga, Billy Steinberg and Josh Alexander — has been circulating the internet for more than a decade now, building lore along the way and a seemingly endless supply of theories about its release date.There were debunked rumors about Gaga including it on ARTPOP and, this week, Little Monsters are speculating that TikTok sensation Addison Rae will record it for a forthcoming debut project. The response to her first single was polarizing, as Rae began navigating the choppy waters from social media influencer to pop star (not unlike Paris Hilton in 2006). Perhaps Dawn of Chromatica producer Arca will hop on for a guest spot, considering Rae’s an open fan? this canu2019t be real — Addison Rae (@Addison Rae)

Neither Gaga nor Rae have commented on the frenzy, so the internet is left to speculate on what happens next.