‘Euphoria’ Broke an HBO Max Record

And once work is done, I don’t really think about it until I come to work again.” But when it came time to film season two of Euphoria, Reid found the upsetting subject matter difficult to move past once she stepped off set: “I will say that season two has stuck with me,” Reid said. I guess, then, it makes sense the platform crashed at 9 PM when the show was set to air.Tonight’s premiere with no context #EUPHORIA #EuphoriaHBO pic.twitter.com/5DE5BBqAyz— Visual Storyteller 👩🏾‍💻 (@ivanathecreator) January 10, 2022 The #Euphoria writers deciding how to start the second season: pic.twitter.com/BZ1uejQQsR— Blaise (they/them) (@blaiser8201) January 10, 2022 Euphoria’s been a huge hit for HBO. But there’s something about this season that I still haven’t been able to shake off.”The second season of Euphoria is set to be even darker than the first and the cast is not taking that lightly, with Zendaya herself sharing a trigger warning with fans, writing that the new season is “deeply emotional and deals with subject matter that can be triggering and difficult to watch.”pic.twitter.com/P6nnxVYXT3— Zendaya (@Zendaya) January 9, 2022 Photo via Twitter The show’s first season followed high schooler Rue, played by Zendaya, as she struggles to maintain sobriety after an overdose that nearly took her life.One of Euphoria’s stars, Storm Reid, who plays Rue’s sister Gia Gennett, recently spoke with Insider about how the show has stayed with her since she wrapped filming last year.“I haven’t really been affected for a long period of time when it comes to doing emotional things,” said Reid. “I’d have to get myself together, and that’s a very new experience for me because I’m able to usually shake it off. “I’ve been a part of projects that are very dark and very deep. Euphoria is back and more popular than ever on HBO Max.Related | Zendaya’s ‘Euphoria’ Premiere Dress Is a Vintage Valentino ThrowbackThe second season has arrived after a two-year hiatus and Deadline reports that its premiere episode this past Sunday had 2.4 million total viewers. That’s the highest total viewership for a digital premiere since the launch of HBO Max back in 2020.