Cher Is on TikTok Now

Wearing a white jacket and letting her platinum-blond hair flow in the wind, she introduced herself with a powerful name: “It’s me, the great and powerful Cher, and I’m on TikTok.”Hi, I’m on @tiktok_us Happy Pride 🏳️🌈 do you prefer blonde or brunette? Cher introduced herself again — this time without actually saying her name. “Hi. So guess what? “Guess who I am?” she said after switching her style back. She isn’t up there to crack quick jokes. We’d even be content if it were just flips between her blonde and brunette hairstyles that make her bring different personalities. “Hi, it’s me, Cher, on TikTok,” she said.Two introductions just wasn’t enough. “I was going to introduce myself but no.”She wrapped up her message with an important one, saying, “Happy Pride Month to everybody in the community that I love — and that means you.”Cher’s set a high bar for herself on TikTok. She gave another. Of course, you know who I am,” she said. #foryourpride 🔗— Cher (@cher) June 24, 2021 A legend like Cher deserves more than one introduction. It doesn’t matter who was on TikTok before — Cher is now its queen. “I’m on TikTok!” she exclaimed excitedly.Related | Avril Lavigne’s First TikTok Features a Very Special GuestAnd if that wasn’t enough, and you know it’s coming, Cher introduced herself one more time. Switching up her vibe, now wearing a striped blazer with black hair, Cher took another approach to her announcement. The 75-year-old singer uploaded her first video recently in a way that celebrates all that she plans on bringing to the platform — glamour, humor and grace.Cher’s first TikTok was more of a performance than anything. Either way, you’ll have to tune in to the ride and see.Photo via Getty/ Harry Langdon Maybe we’ll get exclusive new song premieres. She returned to her dark hair, giving her most confident introduction yet.