Vera McLuckie and the Daydream Club by Jane Evans

I had to home school my grandson because of his ADHD and Sensory Disorder because the school couldn’t deal with these problems, so books like this make my heart smile and I pray this book gets out to every school to open up the understanding of children with these problems, because ALL children matter. Another plus to this book is that it is written Dyslexie font for those with dyslexia can read it and the illustrations are drawn by Ruth Mutch, who herself is autistic. These three get together at Vera’s grandmothers and work together to solve each other’s problems. You are here: Home / Book Reviews / Vera McLuckie and the Daydream Club by Jane EvansVera McLuckie and the Daydream Club by Jane EvansJune 18, 2017 by Annette Anderson Leave a Comment PR Sample Oh! I wish it were given to every teacher in every grade and read to students in all grades. Harry hates writing and spelling because the words just dance around on the page and Max can’t understand what people mean and hates to be touched, but he is a Math wiz! As a grandmother raising a child with ADHD and a Sensory Disorder, who hates being touched, this book definitely hits home and gives me hope. There is also a secret code on the back of the book to unlock – so cool! I love this book for many reasons. Together Vera and her two friends, Harry and Max prove that it’s ok to be different. You can purchase Vera McLuckie and the Daydream Club on for around $9.00 in paperback. How I love this book! So, Mondays are the beginning of the long, horrible week. Vera and her friends prove that not all children are the same and many have learning disabilities. It just takes teachers who understand this and care to work with these kind of children to help. The only way feeling different can be changed is to inform others that those children are not different they just need understanding on a few problems they have and after that they are just like any other kid. Vera hates school, really Mondays, because she finds it hard to concentrates and it makes her teacher mad.