Sara Flutterbye and the Spooky Woods by John Hallis

Sara leaves the small town and heads back to the city. It is full of suspense and a lot of imagination. Sara soon puts the pieces together as the girls show her their necklaces and tell the story of their grandmother’s passing the butterfly powers onto them. Tanger is nearby Sara and sees as the Boogey Man attacks Sara and carries her to his home in the swamp. The book is a thin paperback with 46 pages. Sara writes the girls a letter and says thank you for what they had one for her and to tell Tanger thank you too. Sara begins to settle into her night in the woods and unknown to her there is a Boogey Man lurking nearby in the woods to get her. Tanger promises to watch out for Sara. The girls pick Sara up and start to fly home, the Boogey Man tries to stop them as Tanger flies straight into his eye. Sara heads off to the Spooky Woods where she sets up camp with a campfire and her tent. Sara says she has come to this town to visit the Spooky Woods in search of a giant butterfly. In flies a beautiful red-winged butterfly named Tanger. Abby is concerned and introduces Sara to another young waitress, her friend Leisha. And, Sara says she plans on camping in the Spooky Woods while looking for the butterfly. The girls talk to Tanger and tell him about Sara and her plans. Together they rush to save Sara. I would recommend it highly as a good read. I believe any little girl would love it. That night after the girls get off work and they are at Leisha’s home, they open the window and whistle for their friend. Once inside the cafe the young waitress, Abby, notices the lady is new in town and she asks the lady where she is from. Supposedly there is an office in the university of a Sara Flutterbye and the walls are lined with pictures of butterflies and one of herself and 2 young girls and a little red streak sitting on Leisha’s shoulder. The lady said her name is Sara Flutterbye and she is a scientist and professor at the university in the big city. You are here: Home / Book Reviews / Sara Flutterbye and the Spooky Woods by John HallisSara Flutterbye and the Spooky Woods by John HallisJune 1, 2017 by Annette Anderson Leave a Comment PR Sample On beautiful day a lady comes into the town of Baraboo, Wisconsin and she stops first at a cafe named Birdies. This news concerns the girls and they try to convince Sara not to go there, but she is determined. Tanger flies back to the girls, who actually have magic necklaces that turn them into large, magic butterflies. This was a delightful book for any girl aged 8 and up. The Boogey Man is killed as the girls drop a large boulder on him and he falls into the swamp and straight into a waiting alligator who is happy to rid the Spooky Woods of the terrifying Boogey Man. The illustrator is Natalie Krug and she does a good job of drawing the objects in this book. They tell Leisha why Sara is in town.