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Girl Friday

Lyrics to ‘Girl Friday’ by Capital Cities: –Intro– She’s a *(ohh)* She’s a *(yeah)* She’s a *(hah)* She’s a *(woo)* She’s a *(aha)* She’s a *(hoh)* *Boss* –Chorus– She’s my girl friday She’s my girl friday I’m her boy wednesday…
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Fuck Boy

Lyrics to ‘Fuck Boy’ by Trina: Six in the morning, nigga at my door I’m tryna figure out what he out that for Last time i seen him he was talking shit Found out his new girl can’t suck no…
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Black label like I’m BMI 50 thousand just so she can fly Then I’m hoppin’ off a jet On my celly, no R. Oh my gosh, you can see it’s I! Tell them bitches that it’s D or die Ghetto…
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It don’t matter at all, no ladder to fall You either the bat or the ball Through the heart of it all, true heart of it all Sipping on this liquor, tryna hit this lick up And when it’s done,…
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