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M.I.A. – Goals Lyrics

M.I.A.Goals Lyrics One When we come through we fly as f**k though I can mess with you but what for If I play with you it’ll be a draw Match made in heaven who’s keeping score Everywhere, every door there’s…
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Jonas Blue – Mama Lyrics

JONAS BLUEMama Lyrics Hey, mama, don’t stress your mind We ain’t coming home tonight Hey, ma, we’re gonna be alright Dry those eyes We’ll be back in the morning when the sun starts to rise So mama, don’t stress your…
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Sherlock Holmes, My Dad, and Me

In solving significant problems of the present day he remains – as ever – the supreme master of deductive reasoning.Conan Doyle himself described Holmes as “a calculating machine,” and no one can read the Holmes stories without being aware that…
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