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Fuck It Up

Heard you talkin’ that shit, girl, is you ’bout that? You’re with your girlfriends, I’m with my niggas I know we drunk talking shit, but that’s my nigga That Tequilla in my liver She don’t give it up the first…
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Periodic Table

Lyrics to ‘Periodic Table’ by ASAP Twelvyy: –Verse 1– With a love for the underdog Man, they treat me like the [?] Ain’t the favorite on your [?] The livest nigga under y’all, so don’t make me get the gun…
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I got it, main reason why I flex, hoe (Yeah) I with it all, always involved, pistol by my draws (Yeah) Hood nigga in love, pistol whip my broad (Yeah) [??] my head, that mean that nigga check my call…
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