Guardin – Nevermind Lyrics (feat. Hammy)

[Intro: Hammy]
Cracks in my heart
Used to be bright, now it’s dark
Didn’t have any cracks at the start
Now I turn all my pain into art
All my pain into-
[Verse 1: Hammy]
Cracks in my heart
Cracking and tearing apart
The feelin of warmth
In your arms
3 am dreamin of stars
They doubt I’ll go far
They hate but they fake who they are
They think they hard
They think they this and they that
They pull up, I know its an act
Why they all talkin’ like that
I think it’s wack
Some nights I still want her back
Some nights I toss and I turn
Dreamin’ of her
Wake up in the morning
I’m hurt
f**k what they saying
f**k what they heard
They can all go and eat dirt
Making me question my worth
Why am I here on this earth
Am I just wasting my time? Say f**k it and leave it behind
Wait, nevermind
Wait, nevermind
Kill me to leave it behind
Think of you all of the time
Can’t get you out of my mind
Look in your eyes and I die every time
I’m losing the battle inside
Sit in the corner and cry
Still feel pain from your lies
So I’mma smoke ’till I’m high
Blowin’ out dope ’till I die
[Verse 2: guardin]
f**k today and f**k tomorrow
I’m just living in this perpetual sorrow
Rainy days inside my brain are all I know
I can never let it go
f**k it up, just like a pro
Propaganda panorama all these people I don’t trust
Got my eyes inside the pinnacle, the cynical’s disgust
On the surface, I’mma surpass swallowing up all the dust
But beneath the flesh, I’m focused and I’m praying I don’t combust
Hypothetically a nuisance with the noose inside my clutch
I’ve been standin’ on the edge so long, afraid of givin’ up
Feelin’ useless as the clues I’m swallowin’ inside my cup
Trippin’ over all these corners, short of breath I’m throwin’ up
Yeah, I’ve been tryin’ my best
Wakin’ up like every mornin’ with a gun to my chest
I’m growin’ tired
I ain’t gettin’ any rest, yeah
I guess I’m
Just stressed Should I just quit with the rhymes?