And Now This – One Beat At A Time lyrics

Verse 1
So he told you it’s over / and you’re falling apart
There’s a black cloud / hanging over your heart
Blinded by tears / confusion and pain
You blame yourself / but you are not to blame
And your heart breaks into pieces.. Fix that broken heart
Fix that broken heart one beat… one beat at a time
Verse 4
If you were my girl / I’d treat your right
I’d be your lover / I’d be your light
I’d pick you up / if you were ever down
And when you needed me/ I’d always be around
And I’d fix your broken heart… one beat at a time One beat at a time
[Verse 2]
Well, I tried to tell you / but I didn’t know how
He’s been lying to you darling/ for a long time now
And he may be good looking / with money to burn
But inside he’s ugly / he’s a cheat and a worm
And he’s been breaking your heart… one beat at a time
Verse 3
You’re better off without him / though it may be hard to see
The way he’d always treat you / just brings misery
If you give me the chance / I’ll put the smile back in your eyes
I’d treat you like an angel / I’d never tell you lies
And I’d fix your broken heart… one beat at a time
Fix that broken heart ….