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Miquela’s NFTs Are Free

She does, however, have serious social capital online, and her latest NFT drop is completely free with the power of Twitter.Related | Miquela and Saweetie Link UpIn collaboration with her creator’s company Brud, “19-year-old” Miquela has been rolling out a…
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Jeris Johnson Versus the World

Obviously Elvis, the ‘King of Rock’ or whatever, doesn’t sound like Metallica, but they’re both rock artists. To slay the old, boring-ass dragon that is contemporary rock music, finally resurrect the genre and catapult it into the future. That’s because…
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Reid Randolph – Better

Yeah, she wants to pop champagne I’m like below freezing, made me feel insane Temporary seasons, smoked the Mary Jane’s You want an escape, that’s typical to maintain Yeah, yeah, forgot all your names the last night Different place and…
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